The University of Auckland Buddy Programme allows students to spend a day in a Real Estate Business, shadowing employees and getting a feel for the industry. As always, James Group put up our hands to host three fantastic students, showing them the ins and outs of Commercial Property and Property Management. We had a great day asking heaps of questions, cold calling and even doing a site visit. It was great to receive such positive feedback from our participants too!

“I can honestly say that I very much enjoyed and benefited from the buddy programme with James Group! It exceeded my expectations, and I definitely came away feeling as though I had learnt a lot. It was great being able to speak with a range of different people who have different backgrounds and roles in the company. I’ve talked to other students who seemed like they were with the same person the whole time at other companies, so I see that as a win for us. Was especially impressed that we spent so much time with Blair.

​I think what made it best was how comfortable everybody made us feel. I was never nervous to ask questions or have conversations with anybody.”