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What we do

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rent collection

Efficient rent monitoring and collection processes. Provision of monthly statements detailing rent and operating expenses, payments and disbursement to your account.

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Maintenance & Repair

Our extensive contractor and supplier database ensures maintenance and repair work is actioned promptly, effectively and at the best possible price.

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Paying Bills

We take care of the day to day expense payments and record these in your monthly statements. This is an optional service available if required.

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Our Systems

Our systems are automated and cloud based providing 24-hour access to your property files and records allowing us to work on your property on-site and remotely.

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We take care of the negotiation of rent reviews and implement effective rent review mechanisms to maintain your returns and property value.

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Property inspections

Comprehensive status reports plus regular inspections detailing the current premises condition, identifying maintenance work and utilising both photo and video media.

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Sourcing Tenants

Whenever you have an upcoming lease renewal or vacancy, our team can be appointed immediately to minimize or eliminate vacancy periods.

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Body Corporate

We attend and represent our Landlords at Body Corporate meetings, and will efficiently report back on any Body Corporate matters that may arise.

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Document Database

Currently landlords use solicitors for property contractual documents and whilst we recommend you seek independent legal advice, we are happy to take care of the bulk of the paperwork. E.g Surrender of lease, lease renewals, subleases etc.

how we do it

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If your property is vacant, we don’t charge a fee! When the property is occupied, management fees are generally paid by the tenant.
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Management & Agency

Working closely with our in house agency division means that we are always up to speed with the latest market rental information and can be immediately appointed to reduce vacancy,
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Tailored Services

We appreciate that every property is different and as such, each of our clients has different needs. Therefore, we are happy to tailor our services to meet your needs.
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Economies of Scale

We leverage off the size of our management portfolio to ensure we can pass on competitive quotes from our network of trades people.
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One Point of Contact

You will have one dedicated Property Manager who will manage your portfolio, regardless of how many properties.
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Default Process

Frequent rent checks with immediate response to late payments. In the event of a default, a robust and proven process is implemented to remedy default issues.


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