How much does it cost?

Our fees usually sit between 6-10% of net rent, depending on the services provided and size of the property. Note, if your property is vacant, we don’t charge a fee. Management fees are included in standard lease documentation and as such are typically payable by the tenant. (Plus we can review your leases to check!)

Can this also benefit my tenant(s)?

Tenants benefit from efficient property call outs for events such as roof leaks, plumbing issues and power/electrical faults. We pass on the benefits of our priority service and the economies of scale we receive from our contractors onto our property owners and tenants. Tenants also benefit from awell maintained property that presents well for clients and our efficient, automated software for recording their rent payments and making tax claims.

Can I choose what services are provided?

Yes! We can tailor our contract and services to suit your needs.

What if I also have residential properties?

Whilst we specialise in Commercial properties at James Group, we understand the importance of having one point of contact when it comes to Property Management. As many of our Landlords have their nest eggs spread across both Commercial and Residential sectors, we also do manage Residential properties for them and are confident that we have the experience, systems and resources to do so at reasonable rates.