Commercial Property management

James Group offer commercial property management services across Auckland.

James Group manage a wide variety of retail, commercial and industrial properties across Auckland. Our James Group Property Management services benefit all parties involved, designed to make your life easier. Our key services include, but aren’t limited to, property inspections, rent collection, rent reviews and all contractual documents, dealings with body corporates, efficient actioning of repairs and maintenance and sourcing tenants. For more details around the James Group key Property Management services, click here: Property Management

Commercial Property For Sale Auckland

You will benefit from having your commercial property managed by James Group for a number of reasons. James Group appreciate that every property is different and as such, each of our clients have different needs. Therefore, we are happy to tailor our services to meet your needs. The James Group property management team work closely alongside our inhouse agency division, meaning they are always up to speed with the latest market rental information and can immediately appoint a broker to minimize vacancy. Alongside this, we understand the importance of upkeeping your commercial and industrial property, meaning maintenance and repairs are crucial. James Group leverage off the size of our management portfolio to ensure we can pass on competitive quotes from our network of tradespeople.

At James Group, you will have one dedicated commercial property manager who will manage your portfolio, regardless of the size or type or property you own. Whilst we specialize in predominantly commercial and industrial real estate at James Group, we understand the benefit and importance of having one point of contact, meaning we are happy to manage both your commercial and residential properties.

For more information on our property management services or to chat with one of our management experts, get in touch with the property management today!