Make Your Vacant Space Tenant-Ready

Just had a long-term tenant vacate your space and have yet to find a new tenant to replace them? Prepping your vacant space for potential new tenants is a great problem solver and easy to do with the steps below.

1. Prep Your Storefront/ Industrial space

Is your space exposed to a lot of foot traffic and visible from the street? Then the front of your building is absolutely essential. Many brick-and-mortar stores have a large window displays at the front, this gives pedestrians a sneak peak of what is inside and what you have to offer. Not only is this a good visual feature but it also gives you a chance to be creative and attract customers with appealing displays of your products

The same goes with warehousing & industrial shops. A clean and tidy first glimpse will be very appealing for potential clients. For example if you own a building that is being used for a mechanic shop, then a well organised and less greasy front will most likely encourage new customers and hopefully keep them coming back as well..

2. Create a Blank Canvas

Every business owner wants the property that they choose to occupy to be tidy, well maintained and a space that is functional for them. Allowing them to envision their brand in your space is better achieved when there is a blank canvas for them to do so. Neutral walls, customisable features (like lights and signage) and empty space can draw a larger range of retail brands to rent your space. Making sure fixtures are in working order, suitably located and also modern will greatly increase potential tenants.

3. Get your utilities up to scratch

There are a few common property needs for commercial tenants. The basics, such as outlets and adequate lighting, are straightforward. However including things like tidy kitchenettes, functioning roller doors & storage spaces can really make the difference for some future tenants. Going the extra mile now can greatly increase your rewards later.

4. Mind the Details

When putting the finishing touches on your space before listing it to rent you’ll want to go through it with a fine-tooth comb. Every inch matters, and there are lots of small things that can be easily missed. Here’s a short checklist to help:

  • Fix up any areas that need an extra coat of paint.
  • Update fixtures (doors, knobs, lights)
  • Check for window cracks
  • Make sure doors are closing properly and locks working well
  • Touch up car park lines
  • Hire a professional cleaner if necessary

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