Commercial property for sale

James Group has a great range of Commercial and Industrial properties for sale, both available now and upcoming. These options include warehousing, office/warehouse units, office buildings, retail, showrooms and yard spaces. Commercial Property for sale can be hard to come by in certain areas across Auckland, making finding your ideal space a challenging task without an expert staring you in the right direction. James Group has a dedicated team who pride ourselves in patch coverage, meaning we are able to present our clients with a great range of commercial real estate.

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Commercial Property for Lease

James Group brokers guide our clients through a series of steps to ensure they are confident and satisfied with the entire commercial sale process.

Commercial Property For Sale Auckland

1. Discovery and Research

The site selection process will always start with discovery and research. This process ensures our agents establish a firm understanding of our clients commercial and industrial property requirements, outlining both their critical and the desired needs. 

2. Analysis

Discovery and Research allows our salesperson to analyze the correct aspects of the commercial real estate market, identifying all suitable options to ensure the best range of commercial and industrial properties are presented to the client. Our James Group brokers have selected geographic patches in which they work and develop their relationships across the Auckland real estate sector.

3. Negotiation

Your salesperson will help you negotiate your deal from the initial proposal to an executed sale. They will lead the communications between you/your business, lawyers and the vendor, ensuring that an agreement is met in a space you are happy with, under terms that best meet your needs.  

4. Deal done!

Now that have brought your property, James Group will continue to touch base as managing relationships is our specialty! We pride ourselves in fostering strong business relationships to best meet the needs of our clients. To see how we can help you with any commercial property needs, contact us at  

To see how we can help you with any commercial property needs, contact us at